Navigate to Mrs. Riley’s Online Music Games

15 Nov

Watch the video below to see how to get to Mrs. Riley’s super popular Online Music Games page. Thanks to Washington Elementary fifth graders, Ava and Maggie for creating this video!     Have fun playing the online music games!

Flipping for Elementary Music

7 Feb

Below is the Google presentation, including all of the links from the OMEA/TI:ME conference session “Flipping for Elementary Music” presented February 7, 2014 at 1:15 PM.   Watch the whole session presentation below! (Video coming soon)

What Do Music Teachers Do On Snow Days?

6 Jan

What do music teachers do on snow days? Well, today, we danced! Eight of the Hilliard elementary music teachers got together today to learn folk dances we can teach our students. Here are links to the resources we discussed today at our professional development. Les Saluts (p. 125) and Ducec (p. 208), dances from Phyllis […]

Nutcracker Lessons 2013

1 Jan

Every year in December, I teach themes from Tchaikovsky’s ballet, The Nutcracker to grades 1-4. This year I used some old ideas and added a couple of new ones as well. Here is Mrs. Tackett’s third grade class performing their original choreography to “Trepak” at our all-school holiday sing-along on the last day before winter […]

Upcoming Musical Television Events!

2 Dec

In music classes, I have been telling my students about two upcoming musical television events/programs that may be of interest to them and their families. Below is some additional information about The Sound of Music Live! and the return of The Sing-Off for a fourth season. The Sound of Music Live! starring Carrie Underwood as […]

Strummin’ on the Old Banjo

20 Nov

Third graders recently learned the rhythm “tika-tika,” also known as four sixteenth notes. One of the songs I use to teach this rhythmic concept is “Dinah.”   After singing this song and dictating the rhythm, one of the students asked, “What’s a banjo?” It hadn’t occurred to me that they might not know this! So […]

2012-2013 Composers of the Month

8 Sep

Like previous years, in preparation for a new school year and new composers of the month, here is an archive of the composers and resources we studied at Washington Elementary in the 2012-2013 school year. Be sure to check out the Composer of the Month page to learn about the current composers. March-April: William Byrd […]

Bulletin Board Contest

17 Aug

Congratulations to Emily in fifth grade! She won the bulletin board contest and her class will have a Wii party in music class!

Third Grade Pentatonic Compositions

7 Mar

Last year, as second graders, my students composed simple do-mi-so songs and used SMART Notebook software to print and share them (see my post about that project here). Now that those students have learned the extended pentatonic scale (s, l, d r m s l d’), I needed a creative way to get them to […]

2013 Second Grade do-mi-so Compositions

13 Feb

Here are this year’s second grade compositions! To read about the process and download the planning worksheet and SMART Notebook file, please read this previous post. After printing a copy of their own composition for each child, and rather than using even more colored toner to create a bulletin board, I decided to put all […]