I Have a SMART Board… Now What?

16 Feb

Below are the links and notes for my OMEA/TI:ME conference session “I Have a SMART Board… Now What?” presented February 16, 2012 at 2:45 PM.

Getting started with a SMART Board in 4 easy steps

1. Setting up and orienting the SMART Board and projector

Hardware Basics for Front Projection SMART Board Interactive Whiteboards

Orienting your SMART Board interactive whiteboard


2. Commonly used tools and SMART Notebook software basics

Basic SMART Board functionality, understanding the layout of Notebook software, familiar toolbar buttons, and tools unique to the Notebook software. (Please download the session Notebook file for more information. If you do not already have the SMART Notebook software, you can download it here.)


3. Find and/or create music lessons for the SMART Board

exchange.smarttech.com: Tons of downloads and teacher created lessons

mustech.pbworks.com: Mustech Wiki – lots of downloadable SMART Notebook files and others

shop.smartboardnow.com/main.sc: SmartBoardNow sells four volumes of high quality elementary music activities for the SMART Board

www.google.com: You can find all kinds of good ideas and files by searching “SMART Board music” or something more specific to your teaching needs

www.klsriley.com: Download this presentation and some of my other SMART Board files here


4. Use your new lessons with your students!






Watch the whole presentation below!


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