Animusic in Real Life

16 Nov

(Image from

One of the most requested DVDs in my classroom is Animusic. If you are not familiar with the Animusic DVDs (there are currently two, with a third in development), you MUST check them out. The DVDs feature musical compositions and computer animations in which theoretical instruments play themselves. It is a very cool visualization of music making that easily grabs kids’ attention and imaginations. Animusic even has teacher guides for their two DVDs available on their website.

One of my personal favorite pieces is called “Pipe Dream” and the awesome folks at Animusic, LLC have uploaded it to YouTube for your viewing pleasure.


It turns out, my students and I are not the only ones who love “Pipe Dream.” Some really smart people at Intel created a real life “Pipe Dream” that you can watch in the video below and compare to the original animated version.

Mind = Blown.

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