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Strummin’ on the Old Banjo

20 Nov

Third graders recently learned the rhythm “tika-tika,” also known as four sixteenth notes. One of the songs I use to teach this rhythmic concept is “Dinah.”   After singing this song and dictating the rhythm, one of the students asked, “What’s a banjo?” It hadn’t occurred to me that they might not know this! So […]

Bulletin Board Contest

17 Aug

Congratulations to Emily in fifth grade! She won the bulletin board contest and her class will have a Wii party in music class!

Animusic in Real Life

16 Nov

One of the most requested DVDs in my classroom is Animusic. If you are not familiar with the Animusic DVDs (there are currently two, with a third in development), you MUST check them out. The DVDs feature musical compositions and computer animations in which theoretical instruments play themselves. It is a very cool visualization of […]

2010-2011 Composers of the Month

1 Aug

In preparation for the new school year, I have archived last year’s Washington Elementary composers of the month here as a blog post. As you revisit these composers, are there any requests for composers for the upcoming year? Like last year, I will be working with Mr. Stevens, our art teacher, to try to find […]

A “Carnival of the Animals” Instrument Review

10 Jun

Some of my favorite listening lessons are from Camille Saint-Saëns’s Carnival of the Animals. My youngest students like guessing what animal Saint-Saëns was trying to portray with the different instrument sounds and musical styles. I have found that they are very intuitive listeners and can often guess the correct animals! With first graders, I lead […]