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Third Grade Orchestra Family Projects

26 Apr

After studying the four orchestra families, I decided to allow my third grade students their choice of how to demonstrate their learning. Each class created a rubric that guided the projects, but it was completely up to the students whether they worked in a small group or alone, and they got to choose the medium for their final product. […]

Third Grade Pentatonic Compositions

7 Mar

Last year, as second graders, my students composed simple do-mi-so songs and used SMART Notebook software to print and share them (see my post about that project here). Now that those students have learned the extended pentatonic scale (s, l, d r m s l d’), I needed a creative way to get them to […]

Composing with Second Graders

19 Sep

After my second graders learned the note “do,” I was in need of a creative way for them to practice singing, playing, reading, and writing the new note. I came up with a very simple composition worksheet and SMART Notebook template. During one class period, we completed the entire activity as a whole class first, […]

Enhancing an Old Lesson with Online Resources

6 Mar

All of my fourth grade students learn to play the recorder, and we hit treble clef note names hard right before the recorder unit. I like the kids to know the treble clef really well before we start playing so they can concentrate on their technique. Many music teachers will agree that nothing works as […]