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Animusic in Real Life

16 Nov

One of the most requested DVDs in my classroom is Animusic. If you are not familiar with the Animusic DVDs (there are currently two, with a third in development), you MUST check them out. The DVDs feature musical compositions and computer animations in which theoretical instruments play themselves. It is a very cool visualization of […]

Responses to Readers’ Emails

21 Oct

Every so often, I get great emails from other music teachers. Usually, I’m really good about replying right away, but lately, I have been slacking in that department. Below are some of questions I have received, with my replies. ~Kelly Q: What technology do you have in your room?  It sounds like your kids do […]

Composing with Second Graders

19 Sep

After my second graders learned the note “do,” I was in need of a creative way for them to practice singing, playing, reading, and writing the new note. I came up with a very simple composition worksheet and SMART Notebook template. During one class period, we completed the entire activity as a whole class first, […]

Using Student Choreography to Teach Form

31 Aug

Last year’s fourth graders created their own choreography to some of the dances from Act II of Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker ballet. We used and/or created listening maps of the dances first, paying close attention to the forms of each piece. (Download the SMART Notebook file here.) As the students shared their movement ideas, I served […]

2011-2012 Composers of the Month

30 Aug

Like last year, in preparation for a new school year and new composers of the month, here is an archive of the composers and resources we studied at Washington Elementary in the 2011-2012 school year. Be sure to check out the Composer of the Month page to learn about the 2012-2013 composers. February/March: Antonio Vivaldi […]

What Every Music Teacher Wants You To Know

7 Jul

Reblogged from Facetious Firecracker: There are some stereotypes about music teachers in this country and for some reason, they’ve been getting to me lately. Generally, I avoid discussing my career on here because honestly, I have a great job. I get to play games, teach kids how to create music, and I get most of […]

Web Apps for the Music Classroom

18 Feb

Below is the Google presentation, including all of the links from my OMEA/TI:ME conference session “Web Apps for the Music Classroom” presented February 18, 2012 at 8:00 AM.   P.S. If you want to check out the #musedchat hashtag on Twitter before making the leap to getting your own Twitter account, click here.   Watch […]

I Have a SMART Board… Now What?

16 Feb

Below are the links and notes for my OMEA/TI:ME conference session “I Have a SMART Board… Now What?” presented February 16, 2012 at 2:45 PM. Getting started with a SMART Board in 4 easy steps 1. Setting up and orienting the SMART Board and projector Hardware Basics for Front Projection SMART Board Interactive Whiteboards Orienting your SMART Board interactive […]

Nutcracker Lessons for Elementary Music

28 Jan

What are we going to do this December? The same thing we do every December: learn about Tchiakovsky’s ballet, The Nutcracker. I mean, why not? Tchaikovsky is widely regarded as a master composer, the music is interesting and familiar, the kids love the story, and ballet is an important art form to expose kids to. […]

Happy 2nd Anniversary, SMART Board!

30 Nov

I just realized that today is the second anniversary of the SMART Board installation in the music room at Washington! Here is the photo I took of it exactly two years ago when I walked in the morning after Thanksgiving break to find it installed. (I took this picture with my phone that day, and […]