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Recorder Resources

5 Oct

Rhythm Practice Click here for the pie rhythm maker to practice your note names and durations.   Treble Clef Practice How quickly can you name the notes of the treble staff? You can go to Mr. Riley’s site and log in to track your score. Teachers, if you are interested in having class accounts created to track your […]

Third Grade Orchestra Family Projects

26 Apr

After studying the four orchestra families, I decided to allow my third grade students their choice of how to demonstrate their learning. Each class created a rubric that guided the projects, but it was completely up to the students whether they worked in a small group or alone, and they got to choose the medium for their final product. […]

Flipping for Elementary Music

7 Feb

Below is the Google presentation, including all of the links from the OMEA/TI:ME conference session “Flipping for Elementary Music” presented February 7, 2014 at 1:15 PM.    

Navigate to Mrs. Riley’s Online Music Games

15 Nov

Watch the video below to see how to get to Mrs. Riley’s super popular Online Music Games page. Thanks to Washington Elementary fifth graders, Ava and Maggie for creating this video!     Have fun playing the online music games!

Bulletin Board Contest

17 Aug

Congratulations to Emily in fifth grade! She won the bulletin board contest and her class will have a Wii party in music class!

2013 Second Grade do-mi-so Compositions

13 Feb

Here are this year’s second grade compositions! To read about the process and download the planning worksheet and SMART Notebook file, please read this previous post. After printing a copy of their own composition for each child, and rather than using even more colored toner to create a bulletin board, I decided to put all […]

Using Web Video as a Tool for Music Education

9 Feb

Below is the Google presentation, including all of the links from the OMEA/TI:ME conference session “Using Web Video as a Tool for Music Education” presented February 9, 2013 at 11:00 AM.   Some additional resources: – paste a link to a web video, choose your file format, and download! – free online file […]

Creative Movement for Primary Grades

30 Jan

At my school we have half-day kindergarten classes, and these students do not typically attend music, art, or PE class. Some kindergartners who need extra help with reading or with English language acquisition stay for an additional half-day of intervention in these areas. These students get 25 minutes of the special area classes every third […]

Responses to Readers’ Emails

21 Oct

Every so often, I get great emails from other music teachers. Usually, I’m really good about replying right away, but lately, I have been slacking in that department. Below are some of questions I have received, with my replies. ~Kelly Q: What technology do you have in your room?  It sounds like your kids do […]

Composing with Second Graders

19 Sep

After my second graders learned the note “do,” I was in need of a creative way for them to practice singing, playing, reading, and writing the new note. I came up with a very simple composition worksheet and SMART Notebook template. During one class period, we completed the entire activity as a whole class first, […]